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A new generation of devices: IQOS ILUMA, ILUMA ONE and IQOS ILUMA PRIME

iqos iluma uae

On August 17 in Japan, for the first time, a new generation of IQOS tobacco heating bias was shown to the world. The new line was named IQOS ILUMA.

Can you imagine an IQOS that does not need to be gutted? In which the blade will noway break? Which doesn’t absorb the smell of tobacco over time? And which can be turned on and off by clicking on it with your cutlet, as in airpoz?

IQOS ILUMA is the first in the history of IQOS without a heating blade. IQOS ILUMA works with new sticks, which have their own erected- in heating element outside.

What differently is cool about IQOS ILUMA besides the revolutionary heating system? Fully new design, further aerosol, no cleaning needed, induction, bus launch, super taste, soft cap on the bowl, new accessories in the form of rings on the holder.
Now let’s talk about everything in order.


IQOS ILUMA is a new generation of tobacco heating devices from IQOS. There are 3 models in the line: IQOS ILUMA PRIME, IQOS ILUMA ONE and IQOS ILUMA.

Based on user feedback, the creators and manufacturer took inspiration when developing the IQOS ILUMA.

IQOS ILUMA Prime green

IQOS ILUMA PRIME is the most perfect and advanced technology in the history of tobacco heating systems. A fully new design, advanced functionality and an innovative principle of operation without a blade, with induction heating and with a erected- in heating element inside the stick.

IQOS ILUMA is a kindly more conservative model in the line. It retained the same design as that of IQOS Brace( yes, specifically at the request of Brace suckers), but the stuffing and functionality are the same as those of IQOS Ilyuma Prime.

New HEETS TEREA sticks specially for IQOS ILUMA

terea heets

For new IQOS ILUMA gadgets, you will need special sticks – HEETS TEREA with a built-in heating element. The tobacco in the new sticks is completely “sealed”. So the tobacco particles will not spill out and remain inside the charger.

Important to add: TEREA sticks cannot be used with other IQOS models. If you try to insert them into your IQOS DUO or IQOS 2.4 Plus, you risk breaking the heating blade. Regular Heets and Fiit sticks cannot be used with IQOS Iluma devices.